Daruro travel and logistics provides air ticketing services in Kenya. We are among the most trusted travel agency when you want to book a flight in Kenya. Getting you cheap flights and air tickets for domestic and international flights isn’t a big deal for us. Our clientele ranges from corporates to NGOs all the way up to the indivldual level.

How we come up with Cheap flights and air tickets

When we receive your inquiry for our air ticketing services in Kenya, we come up with atleast three quotations. We are able to advice on the available cheap flights and air tickets. If you want to book a flight in Kenya, there is no better time than when you come to our offices.

Our staff has outstanding professional competence. They are fully conversant with the ticketing systems we use. As a result we are able to issue tickets at a very faster rate compared to our competitors.


Since our inception we are committed to providing the best quality services one can hope for. We are gold and platinum members of several airlines. As such, negotiation for cheap flights and air tickets is an easy job for us.

Our accreditations

The systems we use in providing air ticketing services in kenya are amadeus and Galileo.

When you book a flight in Kenya with us, you enjoy a wide selection of airline seat inventory. You also enjoy cheap flights and air tickets. Our airline reservation system is able to access a wide range of features. This airline reservation system is has a special way of merging the data captured electronically to our booking systems. This ensures transparency and addresses any pertinent issues that may arise. It also ensures reservations are free from error.

We accept different payment methods i.e use of credit or debit cards, bank transfers/deposits etc

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